Advanced Fitness and Performance Olympic Weightlifting Team joined United States Weightlifting in June 2008 and officially became Team Florida AFP. Team Florida AFP's goal is to put weightlifters on the platform for competition.  Team Florida AFP promotes the drug free Olympic sport of Weightlifting, which is the only form of weightlifting that is recognized by the Olympic Games.

Advanced Fitness and Performance in Sarasota, Florida applies sport science and practical application to assess individual performance, design safe and effective exercise programs to meet specific needs and objectives to help clients meet their individualized health and fitness goals. Our staff works with all types of clients but we specialize in working with special populations that need strength training, such as osteoporosis patients, back rehabilitation patients, neck rehabilitation patients, and other overuse ailments.  Our goal is to enhance the quality of your life through strength training while keeping you injury free.

Advanced Fitness and Performance's Staff of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists have an extensive background in sports training and conditioning on and off the field. We specialize in Individualized Personal Training, Competitive Olympic Weightlifting, Speed and Agility training, Strength Training, Sport related conditioning, Sport Specific Clinics and Programs, College Preparation, and Nutritional Counseling.


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